Short Term Funders

Short Term Funders is a website hosted by Interim Finance.

This website has been put together to assist you with your Caveat Loan or Caveat Finance enquiry.

Interim Finance is the largest and most reputable provider of all Short Term Finance and Caveat Finance options.

There are many websites advertising the provision of Caveat Loans or Caveat Finance.

In most cases these operators are brokers looking to place a deal with a lender OR lenders that look to charge in excess of 2.50% per calender month.

Why choose Interim Finance for your Caveat Loan requirements?

  1. We are the Lender NOT a broker or intermediary
  2. We supply the markets MOST competitive interest rate
  3. We do not call for LARGE upfront fees
  4. We provide a full and transparent service to ALL borrowers from loan submission to loan settlement

How can you be certain that Interim Finance is your only option for  Caveat Finance?

  1. Call Interim Finance on 02 9982 2222
  2. Email Interim Finance at
  3. Submit your Caveat Loan enquiry
  4. We will provide you a comprehensive finance quote within 15 minutes
  5. There is NO committment, take your time & compare with other lenders
  6. Interim Finance will outperform its competitors every time on cost, efficiency and most importantly reputation

CONTACT: or 02 9982 2222


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